10 reasons to visit Malta

Why Malta? Well, there is a million reasons. This beautiful, little Mediterranean island has it all. Good climate in every season. Unusual architecture. Stunning nature.

We were there in February, and this is our top 10.


  1. Marsaxlokk

Largest traditional fishing village on the island, located on the south-eastern coast of Malta. Brightly colored fishing boats called Luzzu are making beautiful scenery. This charming place is popular among locals and tourists especially on Sundays when there is a fish market. Otherwise, it is a pretty quiet village.

Visit to:

  • Watch local fisherman in their everyday life
  • Have a good lunch. Here you can be sure that you are eating a fresh fish. We recommend one of the restaurants that they are not at the seafront. Eat where the locals eat 😉
  • Admire the beauty of colorful Luzzu boats



  1. Valletta and Three cities

Valletta is definitley one of the most charming capitals that we have ever seen. Feel free to get lost in the narrow streets and don`t forget to look up. Valletta (whole Malta actually) is a heaven for people who have a thing for doors, windows and balconies.

Visit to:

  • Admire the architecture
  • See the churches
  • Enjoy the view from the Upper and Lower barrakka gardens
  • See Saluting Battery – every day at noon and 4pm, on the lower terrace, a cannon is fired with great ceremony. You can pay the entrance on the lower terrace, which is ok, but you can also enjoy the ceremony from upper terrace for free– even better if you ask me
  • To take a boat across the Grand Harbor to Birgu, one of the Three cities. Don`t forget to visit l-Isla too… for a famous Valletta view spot

  1. Mdina and Rabat

Mdina – The silent city used to be a capital of Malta. It is fortified medieval town that will blow your mind. There is no traffic. It is silent. Clean. Beautiful. Charming.

There is around 250-300 people who live within the city walls, and outside the walls there is Rabat, with 11000 people.

Some scenes from The Game of Thrones were filmed here, so it is just a bonus 😉

Visit to:

  • Enjoy the beauty of Mdina
  • Explore the narrow streets
  • Find the GOT locations


  1. Popeye village

Popeye village. Charming, colorful place. It was a film set for the Popeye movie that was filmed there in 1980., with young Robin Williams playing the lead role. Today, it is one of the Maltese islands biggest tourist attraction for kids… and all of us, young at heart.

If you don`t want to pay the entrance, you can take a photo from the view point across the bay. You will love it, trust me 😉

More photos from this magical place find HERE


  1. Blue grotto

As I have already said, Malta is full of natural beauty spots. One of them is Blue Grotto. No words for this… We were admiring it`s beauty from above, but  during the summer time, there are lots of excursions and opportunities to dive, snorkel, swim, climb…


  1. Ramla bay, Gozo

You must visit island of Gozo. There you will found one of the best sandy beaches – Ramla bay. Above the beach, there is a Calypso cave. Unfortunately, it is in a quite bad shape and it is closed now, but from the top of the hill you can enjoy in the beautiful view….

  1. Azzure window

I know. There is no more Azzure window and it is so sad. 🙁  But I still think that this spot is worth of visit. Azzure window… <3 Nature gives, nature takes…


  1. Vittoria, Gozo

Vittoria is the capital of Gozo. Another charming town with a gorgeous Cittadell. Again, the great view from above, and there are lots of interesting museums – some of them are free of charge.


  1. Craft village

Interesting, if you ask locals about this place, lots of them will tell you that it is nothing special. But, I can`t agree.

Different kinds of crafts and beautiful artifacts are sold and created by local experts here. Our kid enjoyed watching craftsmen blowing and forming glass. Entrance is free and it is a nice way to spend an hour or two here.



  1. Dingli cliffts

Ok, I know that these are not the Cliffts of Moher, but every nature lover will find some peace here. There is a small church and a bench where you can have a minute for yourself and for the nature… We loved it!

Plus, there is a Blue lagoon at the Camino island and lots of archaeological sites which we didn`t see. Maybe someday we will find ourselves again surrounded by Maltese captivating beauty….

PS. Malta is really small country. Public transportation is good, everything is well connected, but I think that renting a car is the best option. It will save you a lot of time…


If you travel with kids, take a look at our Lara`s top 5 🙂

12 Replies to “10 reasons to visit Malta”

  1. What beautiful images! I recently read a book set in Malta just before WWII, and I’ve been thinking a lot about it since. I’d love to visit.

  2. I was in Malta ten years ago and it was very nice 🙂 I absolutely love your photos 🙂

    1. Thank you, Malta is a beautiful country 🙂

  3. Wow! Going to pin this post straight away! Makes me want to go to Malta, absolutely stunning pics!

    1. Thank you 🙂 I am so happy when I hear that someone wants to go to a place that I wrote about 🙂 And if you love photography, Malta is definitely a place to go 🙂

      1. It looks like it!

  4. Looks like a great place to visit, your pictures are stunning. I would love to snorkel in the Blue Grotto.

    1. Thank you Lisa 🙂 My husband is a man behind the camera, he will love your comment 😉

  5. It’s official. Malta is definitely on the bucket list now! I love the bright, bold colors and architecture!

    1. You should definitely go 🙂 Colors and especially architecture are amazing there 😉

  6. Thank you so much for this! Great read and amazing photos! We are visiting Malta for the first time end of April with our 2.5 year old. It was very reassuring to read that you recommend renting a car. I always read how bad the driving is 🙁 Can you share any tips on where to park the car? Especially in Valetta? Thanks

    1. Hello Pat 🙂

      I have been to Malta twice… first time we were using a public transport… and I can say that renting a car is a much better option, especially if you are with kid… My husband is a good driver, so it was no problem for him… But driving is not that bad as you can read on the internet 😉 Just avoid driving after sunset… it can be stressful.
      Parking is usually free of charge, except at Valletta, and you can find it everywhere easily – except at Valletta. My advice would be -do not try to enter the city walls with a car… Park it somewhere outside, there are few parking places, but it is not easy to find a parking place… Check out this https://www.maltauncovered.com/valletta-capital-city/parking/, you will find some advice and a map… We stayed at Qawra, and we parked the car at the street near the hotel. If you need anything else, just ask 🙂

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