How to rent a kimono in Japan

That moment when we booked our tickets to Japan, I knew – we are going to rent kimonos for one day. And I knew – it is going to be in Kyoto. There are so many kimono rental places all around Tokyo and Kyoto and after a detailed research with the comparison of the prices and locations, I have decided to give it a try with Kyoto kimono rental Wargo.

Five of us – two mothers and three little girls, aged 3 to 6, came to a large store situated on the third floor of Kyoto tower, just across the Kyoto station. We were thrilled. So many colors, so many choices. Oh my God, it looked just perfect! First we took our shoes off, and then we entered the wonderland <3. I am not sure if you can just come, it`s highly recommended to make an online reservation because it can be very crowded. 

The first step was choosing a kimono. Kids were doing the same, with a help of a nice lady assistant. They were so happy, showing us their choices. There are a few different plans that you can choose from. We got a premium kimono plan for a day that includes eight items: kimono, obi, underwear, long underwear, tabi, zouri and kanzashi for the hair.

After choosing a kimono, you have to choose an obi. A large belt that will be tight around your waist. Again… so many choices.

Then we entered the dressing room and all the fun could start 🙂 I must say, it takes a time and a lot of experience to dress someone in kimono. It`s a kind of art. I was feeling so special. And the kids… Oh, the kids were adorable. Soon, we were ready for a hairdo. Again, there are a few plans to chose from – our was basic hairdo. The hairdressers are amazing. I thought that my long curly hair is going to be a huge problem for them, but I was wrong. In a few minutes, I got braids that looked really nice. And we put some pink flowers in my hair for the final touch 🙂

Before leaving the store, we had to pick bags and special shoes called zouri. It was surprisingly easy and comfortable to walk around in zouri shoes.

An hour after we came to the store, we were ready to stroll around Kyoto, looking beautiful in our colorful kimonos 🙂

As I said before, the best option is to make an online reservation. On their webpage, there are all information you will need, and it is written in English 🙂 You can do that HERE

If you need more inspiration, check Kimono rental Wargo INSTAGRAM and FACEBOOK.

Kyoto kimono rental Wargo, thank you so much for this experience. It was perfect <3.

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  1. This is a very useful post for me! I’m going to Japan next year and I also want to dress up in a Kimono! Will definitely check this place out!

    Stupid question but… how does the rental work? Do you get to walk around all day in a kimono and return it by a certain time…?

    1. It`s not a stupid question 🙂 Yes, you can walk around all day, you just need to return it – in our case, until 6.30 PM… returning time depends on the store, just check it out before you go because you will need to pay if you are late 🙂

      1. Good to know, thank you 🙂

  2. Ma preslatki ste, pogotovo maleni

  3. That looks like a great experience and you girls have good taste in choosing your kimono. I will definitely add that to my bucket list. Well, since it’s summer in my place, I looked for something trendy and found this fashionable kimonos at your girls might want to try.

    1. Thank you… It was a perfect day 🙂

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