One day in the Popeye village

Me: Our kid is so shy. She won`t participate in the animations. Actually, I think that we are here because of me.

Popeye: Yes. The moment we saw you coming, we knew that you are here because of you. Ha, ha, ha. 

Popeye village. Charming, colorful place. It was a film set for the Popeye movie that was filmed there in 1980., with young Robin Williams playing the lead role. Today, it is one of the Maltese islands biggest tourist attraction for kids… and all of us, young at heart.

I must say, we didn`t expect too much. We came because we wanted to have some kids stuff in our itinerary, and I wanted to see those colorful houses. When we entered, Popeye, Olive and a sailor welcomed us. Lara was so shy, she didn`t even wanted to look at them. But me… Oh my… I was trilled. Definitly young at heart. 😀

With the entrance ticket you get a free family photo, drink and a postcards. You have a chance to enter in all the houses that are completely furnished. Everything looks so perfect, both inside and outside. But the best thing EVER is an opportunity for the whole family to be part of a unique filming experience. This is happening twice a day. You want to be a part of it, I promise. There were people from all over the world. Turkey, Canada, England, Australia… and of course, Croatia. But there was one lucky coincidence too. One of us was Gypsy Snider. She was actually IN the original movie, as a ten year old girl. She was there with her parents who owned a circus. Today she is a co – founder of the Seven fingers circus and this was her first time at the film set after all these years. She came with her acrobatic crew, and it was a really emotional thing for her. We are so happy because we had a chance to meet them all.

Gypsy and me

Later, we had a chance to see ourselves on a big screen. I don`t have to say that our movie was the best ever. Ok, the original is maybe better. I have a DVD with the movie, so we can watch it at home whenever we want. I am a movie star now, and I have a proof for that. 😀

At the end of our visit, Lara played at the big, colorful  indoor playground. She was so happy. We were happy too. This is a great place for visit. With or without kids 😉

And… I have some movie clips, just so you can get an idea 😉

That`s all folks 😉


For direction and prices information visit Popeye village, or ask me in a comments 🙂

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