Hostel Tresor, or… when you sleep in a bank

It has been a while since our last stay at a hostel. Nowadays we usually choose apartments, mostly because we like to have a kitchen and a private bathroom (it comes with age :D), but this time, for Ljubljana city break, we decided to go young, wild and crazy. We wanted hostel. And we chose  Tresor. 

Oh my… it was such a good decision. Ok, we slept in a private room, so we didn´t go totally young, wild an crazy.  But, trust me, for Him, shared bathroom is wild.

Tresor is member of the club of  unusual and unique hotels and hostels of the world. It used to be a bank before, and that is something you can see from many, many details. Breakfast area is actually situated inside of what it used to be a bank tresor. I think. It looked that way to us.

Hostel Tresor


Our top 5 from this lovely place:

1. Location, location, location. Did I mention location? 😀 Seriously, this is the best base for everything that you want to do in Ljubljana. Located in the city center, with places to eat, markets, shops, drogerie shops in front of it. So basically, you can buy everything just around the corner. And you need a minute or two to get to the central square of Ljubljana – Prešeren square. So, location is the best.

2. Clean and cosy – and that is actually all you need. Bed was comfortable, we slept like babies, not only because it was after a few hours of dancing. Linen was clean. Bathroom was clean. Toilets were clean.  When I think about it, everything was clean. So… thumbs up for that.

tresor private room

3. Details. I love details. I am one of those people who would buy something just because it is wrapped nicely and looks pretty. I know. Not very smart, but I can`t help it. And there are lots of details here. For example, every room is named by one of the worlds currencies. We slept in Danish Crown. So, if you don`t know how Danish Crown looks like, just ask for room 303 ;). Or, look… they have British pounds too 🙂


But my favorite part were writings on the wall. Man… I had a great time reading them.

Hostel Tresor
“You should always live within your income, even if you have to borrow to do so.”
Hostel Tresor
“When shit becomes valuable, the poor will be born without assholes.”

4. Helpful staff. It is always nice when locals help you and when they have answers for your questions. Thank you for showing us points of interest and for finding hostel our friends were based on, on the map 🙂

I specially like this part, written on a chalkboard, about the most awesome receptionist 🙂

Hostel Tresor lobby

5. Breakfast. It was basic, nothing special, but it was enough of everything. I wasn`t hungry for a few hours after, so He was really happy. I am not the nicest person when I am hungry. 

Plus, there is a cute bar in the lobby… I have found a little book box which was charming… One of the common rooms is really colorful, and that can never be bad…. and… there is free WiFi everywhere. Big plus. He without the WiFi is something like me without the food.

Hostel Tresor bar

In the end, all I can say is – thank you Tresor for having us. It was a lovely experience. Hope to see you again… We liked Ljubljana so much… we want more. 🙂


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