Inside of a military tunnel

If the road ever takes you to Rijeka, third largest city in beautiful Croatia, located in the heart of Kvarner Gulf, make sure that you visit it`s new attraction –  military tunnel. It will take you below the city, it descends to a depth of 10 meters in some places. This 330 m long tunnel was built by Italian soldiers, during a World War II, for civil protection. It is 4 m wide, and about 2.5 m high, and it will take you form the Cathedral of St. Vitus, below the Old Town, all the way to the Dolac Primary School. Now, 75 years later, it is reopened and it is really great place to visit. We were there with friends and kids – three of them (2, 5 and 6), so we needed a lot more than ten minutes (which is expected time) to walk down the tunnel 😀

Photos speaks better than me… so, enjoy our photo story… we are taking you underground.

PS. There are some fantastic light instalations inside.

There are still some original “Riservato all U.N.P.A.” – “Reserved for the Anti-aircraft Corps“ signs along the way


Tips before you go:

  • don`t go in a fancy shoes – it will get dirty 😉
  • the entrance is free
  • you can get in from the both sides, but you will feel the lights better if you come in from the cathedral side
  • temperature inside is 15 degrees
  • it is kid friendly – they will love the dirt on the ground and the lights… and don`t forget to tell them some war stories. It is a nice way to learn something about the past…


Big thanks to Ivor Mažar for a family underground photo 😉


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